Auto Electrical Service in Mullumbimby


Auto electrical work is what we are known for. Any auto electrical work. Most of all, excellent auto electrical work. Drivers come from all over the Byron Shire to Mullumbimby Auto Electrical with a singular aim—to get the best auto electrical work for their money.

As our 5-star Google Reviews show, we provide exactly that, whether you need auto electrical attention for a car, 4WD, ute, motorcycle, scooter, truck, bus, camper van, caravan, trailer, or farm machinery.

Along with a well-equipped workshop, we have serious professional experience, all packaged in a small family-run business that is focused on being part of the local community more than being a ‘brand’.

Our automotive electrical work includes:
  • Electric braking systems
  • Vehicle or camper trailer accessories
Mullumbimby Auto Electrical licences include:
  • Fair Trading: MVRL54876
  • Automotive Electrician: MVTC146267
  • Refrigerant Handling Licence: L124640
  • ARC: AU44959
Repair Man — Auto Electrical Service in Mullumbimby, NSW

Benefits of choosing Mullumbimby Auto Electrical

At Mullumbimby Auto Electrical, owner-operator Nathan has racked up decades of hands-on experience as an auto electrician. Already, he has installed and repaired more auto electrical parts to more makes and models of vehicles than most auto electricians will manage in a lifetime.

Nathan’s decision to run his own show in Mullumbimby, in the face of opportunities to work for the big companies, is good news for you and other local motorists. The level of excellence you’ll find at Mullumbimby Auto Electrical is a byproduct of personal investment you won’t see at larger operations. Here, you deal with the people who are directly involved in the work you need done.

Passion plays a big role. It got Nathan his start in the trade at the tender age of 15 and it’s passion that fires his decision to separate himself from the herd, trading under the Mullumbimby Auto Electrical banner. Nathan and his team make it their mission to get each and every job done right the first time. Skills, tools and technique combine to set the bar at Mullumbimby Auto Electrical for auto electricians in the Northern Rivers region.
For the best auto electrical service in the Byron Shire, give the team a call at Mullumbimby Auto Electrical today.
Man Welding - Auto Electrical Service in Mullumbimby, NSW

Installing Your Auto Electrical Accessories

Car Electrical Repair — Auto Electrical Service in Mullumbimby, NSW
Get your auto accessories professionally installed at Mullumbimby Auto Electrical.

We have all the tools and techniques in our well-equipped auto electrical workshop in Mullumbimby to get the job done quickly and inexpensively for you, not to mention neatly.

For your car, truck or SUV, we can fit accessories such as:

  • Stereos
  • DC/DC Charges
  • Solar
  • UHF Radios
  • Auxiliary lighting - Light Bars, Spotlights & Daytime Running Lights
  • Electronic Brakes
  • Reversing Cameras
  • Dash Cams
To get the most out of the electrical accessories for your car, give the team a call at Mullumbimby Auto Electrical today.