Auto Electricial & Auto Airconditioning in Mullumbimby


Mullumbimby Auto Electrical is the one auto electrician in the Byron Bay area you can rely on for efficient attention for your vehicle’s air conditioning and electrical systems. We go above and beyond to complete prompt and affordable auto-electrical work on cars, trucks, 4WD and heavy machinery.

Cars take a lot of punishment, simply through regular use over the years. With each kilometre you travel, you are putting stress on the various components in your vehicle. Newer model cars are even more dependent on electrical parts, including specialty wiring, computerised systems, electric brakes and electric engine components. You will want to keep these parts in excellent condition, especially if you are hoping to enjoy peak performance for years to come.
Car Repair — Auto Electrical Service in Mullumbimby, NSW
Air Conditioning Maintenance — Auto Electrical Service in Mullumbimby, NSW
Electrical problems that affect the reliability of your car may need urgent attention. Failing electric components, however, don’t always result in your car becoming undrivable.

Your start or charging circuit, for example, could have intermittent problems, which is annoying to say the least. Or your tail-lights might work unreliably, which is not strictly legal.

Your air conditioning might not run so efficiently. And that’s just not right. If you’re not driving in comfort, you need to do something about it.

The good news is that these and many other problems can be diagnosed in quick time, thanks to our team here at Mullumbimby Auto Electrical.
Regardless of the reason for the problem or the extent of the issue, you can count on our auto electrician to perform the maintenance and repair work that is needed.

We will have you back in the driver’s seat of your vehicle in quick time. We use only reliable, high-quality parts from reputable suppliers.

Motorists from Byron Bay, Billinudgel and Ocean Shores, as well as from other surrounding local areas, call on us to service their vehicles’ air conditioning and electrical systems.
For electrical repair work or routine air conditioning maintenance, you can count on work done to the highest of standards when you bring your vehicle to Mullumbimby Auto Electrical.
Car Maintenance — Auto Electrical Service in Mullumbimby, NSW

Auto Air Conditioning

Why put up with air conditioning that doesn’t keep you cool in your car while Summer swelters here in Mullumbimby and the Byron Bay area?

Bring your vehicle to the auto air experts at Mullumbimby Auto Electrical.

Our auto electrician will waste no time getting to the cause of inefficient cooling and air-flow issues. We’ll let you know what’s needed, so you can drive off in cool air-conditioned comfort.

Auto Electrical

Mullumbimby Auto Electrical performs reliable, cost-effective work on automotive electrical components, including dual battery systems and electric braking systems. We fix all types of electrical faults, intermittent or otherwise, including ignition problems and wiring issues.

We can also install any electrical accessory for your car, from driving comfort and safety items to in-car entertainment—Apple CarPlay, Sat Nav GPS, dash cams, UHF radios, stereo systems, hands-free phone systems, and much more.